Unlike today, last Monday it wasn’t raining. In fact it was so hot that Isaac got lobster neck (standard) and three fifths of the band were seriously hindered by hay fever! Nevertheless, we had an awesome day on location of the video shoot for our new single Keep, released on July 9th on Kissability and Young and Lost Club.

Special thanks go to Rich and Toby of On Par Productions for being as excited and enthusiastic about the project as we were. Their ideas and willingness to try lots of different things took our skeletal story and made it into something new. 

Also, thanks to Craig Lewis, who we didn’t meet, but drew up an awesome storyboard some of which you can see above. 

We had a great time getting to know the actors, Nicholas Pratt and Mercy Gaiger. Much thanks to them for being so patient and doing a great job! Also to my little cousin Fletcher who turned out to be the diva of the shoot and rightly so with his flowing locks…

Finally thanks to Rich’s aunt, who loaned us her garden for the day. This turned out to be the perfect location for our story and much fun to explore for the little and big kids among us. 

Stoked for the end result!


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